Directors: Cristián Costantini / Diego Panich / Claudia Prado
Production: Leandro Listorti / Cristián Costantini / Claudia Prado
Camera: Leandro Listorti / Diego Panich
Script: Cristián Costantini / Claudia Prado
Edition: Diego Panich
Animation: Julia Masvernat
Music: Juan Pablo Fernández
Drawings: Diana Bellessi
Color Correction: Laura Viviani
Sound: Luciano Fusetti
Vissual Effects: Nathalie Benain
Production Companies: Zona Audiovisual / Sirirí Cine
Zona Audiovisual: Vanessa Ragone / Mónica D’Uva
Administration: Nora Gómez
Sound Mixing: Guillermo Pesoa para Mix Universo
Opening Song: La Mitad (Acorazado Potemkin)
Production Advice: Marcela Sluka
Script Advice: Alberto Rojas Apel
Poems Translation: Cathy Eisenhower
Translation: Daniella Gitlin


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